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ULU provides technology and service integrations to help dealerships, leasing companies, insurance companies and other businesses to connect with customers at all times.


Our all-in-one mobility application with your logo and corporate design? We can help you create an online platform to which your customers want to connect daily. You can use the ULU technology, integrate it or white label it. Make use of all our mobility services; Fleetmanagement, trip administration, vehicle status and driving behaviour, all available with your own brand name!


Your customers get a relevant app for daily use and you can collect interesting data. From actual mileages to error codes, battery voltage to upcoming maintenance needs and so on. Discover the world of Big data, tailor made by ULU.

Improve your customer service, increase customer loyalty, communicate based on relevant information and anticipate on actual data.


ULU provides the tools to develop an A to Z solution through technology to engage with customers.


Technological developments are increasingly ruling our life. Every day, new services are built to provide solutions for travelling, sleeping, paying, shopping and plenty of other things. Of all the time we are online, we spent half of it on our smartphone. On average, people have 42 mobile apps on their phone, but only use 3 apps daily. 70% of all these apps has only been opened once.

Connected customer
Connected company


How do you stay top of mind with your customers? How do you, as a mobility service provider, communicate with your customers based on relevant information? How do you build an app, and provide services that people can engage with at all times? How do you cope with all these new technologies? We are here to help.


ULU provides technology and service integrations to connect you with your customers at all times. We can help you create an online platform to which your customers want to connect daily. By combining connecting and improving various, commonly used mobility services, ULU enables you to provide next-generation service to your customers. You can use the ULU technology, integrate it or white label it.

From B2C, B2B to B2Everybody. ULU makes it easy for you.



A relevant driving app for your customers, which they are eager to use multiple times a day. This is the dream of every leasing company. Stay on top of mind with your customers and keep in touch with them. Monitor the actual mileages, respond to error codes or maintenance needs and analyse the fuel consumption.

Take the next step in your service by implementing a mobility app that all your customers are waiting for.



A fair insurence based on your own behaviour. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of the premium you have to pay? The ULU technology allows insurence companies to offer a car insurence based on driving behaviour. The better you drive, the higher your discount. The better your customers drive, the lower the amount of claims.

Track the driven speed, trip time and date, the amount of trips and even weather conditions. Make use of the API link or white label our app.


Improve your corporate services (Fleetsales) by offering your customers a Plug & Play fleetmanagement tool and monitor actual mileages, error codes, maintenance needs or respond to necessary part replacements.

Monitor and connect your Private/Business Lease customers and offer them a relevant app for daily use.

Or give your private customers a connected car and improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding to actual mileages, error codes or maintenance needs.


ULU provides a fully integrated automotive cloud service. OEM’s often have worldwide strategies when it comes  to connected cars. ULU works with local partners in the UK and integrates local mobility services to the platform.

OEM’s can easily profit from the scalable ULU platform and benefit from an out-of-the-box solution.

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