Vehicle health
Have insight into the health of your car, at any time and any place.


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Have insight into the health of your car, at any time and any place. Know when your vehicle needs maintenance, analyse your vehicles’ error codes and prevent downtime. This prevents any unpleasant surprises!


Know the actual mileage of your car or cars. The mileage is extremely important, as it determines the service interval, wear and the value of your car. With ULU you always have the current odometer on your phone or online dashboard.


With the ULU technology you can remotely look into any error codes from your car, at any time and any place. Even before the error is visible on the dashboard of your car, ULU already detected it. We even help you research the error code and tell you whether it is urgent. This way you know if you should go directly to a mechanic for maintenance, or if the problem could be fixed later.


The maintenance interval is largely determined by the mileage. Easily plan the maintenance of your car with ULU and know in advance when you need to go to your car dealer.


Monitor the battery voltage of your car and prevent downtime. You can use a battery for about 4-6 years, it will not last forever. Especially in the winter, the risk of a broken or dead battery is high. In case of a potential dead battery, ULU will notify you in advance, so you will not get stuck along the road.


The information from the car is very interesting for any car dealer. Improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding to current mileage, error codes and maintenance needs.


Free dongle (worth £170,-)

Plug & Play (self-install)

Monitor your fleet / car online

Connectable with multiple cars

Insight into fuel usages, error codes, locations and driving behaviour

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