Trip administration
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Ritregistratie dashboard

Trip administration

Trip administration gets even easier with the ULU tool! With our Plug & Play dongle you can get a clear trip administration within no-time, in accordance with the tax requirements.

All trips are automatically registered and can be tracked in the ULU app and your personal ULU dashboard!


Easily track all your trips within one clear overview. View the details per trip, such as starting and stopping point, distance, time, average speed and the exact driving route.


The ULU dongle can be fully self-installed in the OBD port of the car (for vehicles from 2001 and later). No need for investments in advance or expensive built-in costs. Within two minutes your dongle is installed, ready to register all your trips!


Easily change the trip mode per trip (private, business or commute) or add any notes! All with the use of the ULU app or your personal ULU dashboard, whenever it suits you!


ULU meets the requirements from the tax authorities and helps you with a tight trip administration. You can easily export an overview of all your trips from your ULU dashboard into excel, csv or xml.


Gain insight into your driving speed, braking behaviour and amount of acceleration. Every trip gets a score from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more eco(nomic) friendly you drive!


View actual mileages of your car any time you want. Know when your vehicles require maintenance and get more information about error codes. This way, you avoid any unpleasant surprises!


ULU takes your privacy very seriously and has therefore taken a number of steps to secure it. ULU complies for 100% to ‘The Personal Data Protection Act’, an act concerning vehicle tracking solutions. If you switch our ULU app to the private mode, no one is able see where your drivers are or where they are going.


ULU collects millions (maybe billions!) of units of data from anyone who drives with ULU. We treat the data carefully and provide strong security to protect this data. The ULU dongle contains an impossible-to-hack security key and all information is safely stored in a database (with a two-way TLS).


Free dongle (worth £170,-)

Plug & Play (self-install)

Monitor your fleet / car online

Connectable with multiple cars

Insight into fuel usages, error codes, locations and driving behaviour

ULU redefining mobility


ULU Mobility meets the requirements of the Dutch certification for trip registration (Stichting Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen) and of the tax authorities. Furthermore, ULU complies for 100% to ‘The Personal Data Protection Act’, an act concerning vehicle tracking solutions.

The average ULU’er drives 53 miles a day

obd dongel

How does it work?

You can install our plug and play device in less than two minutes (by yourself) and you can use it throughout Europe. You will receive the device by mail together with a step-by-step installation guide. Install the device in the OBD-port of your car within 2 minutes.

If your dongle is installed, you can log into your personal ULU dashboard. After the first ride your trip details will be visible. With the ULU mobile application you can easily switch trip mode from business to private or commute.

We collect data based on GPS and from the OBD port. Our software works like the software used by mechanics and enables us to remotely diagnose your car. By doing so, we give you a clear overview of the vehicle health of your fleet.

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