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The all-in-one mobility application that integrates, connects and improves various mobility solutions into one easy-to-use application. Take the next step in smart mobility.

Explore our features.


Navigate to your desired location, parking spot or Point of Interest! ULU memorises your frequently visited locations and helps you driving here. The integration of real-time traffic information, allows you to always choose the shortest or quickest route.

Drive mode


ULU app on, phone in the carkit and enjoy the ride! While being on the road, ULU makes sure that you are well-informed about the traffic situation in your surroundings. Furthermore, with our platform you can easily navigate to any desired location.


All trips are automatically registrated and can easily be tracked in one clear overview. View the details per trip, such as starting and stopping point, distance, time, average speed and the exact driving route. Change the trip mode per trip (private, business or commute) or add any notes!



Know the actual mileage of your car at all times. Know when your vehicle needs maintenance, analyse your vehicles’ error codes. The car indicates through ULU whatever is wrong, even before any warning signs will appear on your dashboard. This avoids you from having any unpleasant surprises!


Get insight into your driving behaviour. The higher the score, the lower the total costs of your vehicle. Save costs by monitoring the driving skills of your fleet. This will not only save you money in fuelling, but also in wear and maintenance costs of your vehicle. ULU provides you with useful tips to improve your driving behaviour and save money!


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