Driving behaviour
The higher the score, the more eco(nomic) friendly you drove!


Ritregistratie dashboard


Get insights into the driving behaviour of your fleet. The higher the score, the lower the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. Save costs by monitoring the driving skills of your fleet

Not only you can save money in fuel, but also in wear- and maintenance costs of your vehicle / entire fleet


The right foot of the driver of the car has a lot of influence on the total cost of ownership of the car. The faster you accelerate, the more fuel you consume. The harder you brake, the more your tires and brakes will wear.


Following the assigned speed limit on the road not only keeps you from paying speeding tickets, it is also an economical way to drive. The more you stick to the speed limit, the more efficient you drive. In addition, using the start / stop system of your car, is a way to cut costs.


Research shows that you can significant save money by monitoring your driving behaviour. As a company, coaching your employees to improve the driving skills will reduce the cost of your fleet. Significantly.


ULU has experience in implementing a driving behaviour policy for companies. Per individual or together as a team. There are multiple options and we are happy to help you!


Insurance companies need new models and use big data to enable new business models. The ULU Cloud enables insurance companies to analyse driving behaviour and create new and innovative insurance packages to attract safe drivers.


Free dongle (worth £170,-)

Plug & Play (self-install)

Monitor your fleet / car online

Connectable with multiple cars

Insights in fuel usages, error codes, locations and driving behavior.

ULU redefining mobility

The average ULU ‘er drives 53 miles a day

obd dongel

How does it work?

You can install our plug and play device in less than two minutes (by yourself) and you can use it throughout Europe. You will receive the device in the post, provided with a step-by-step installation guide. Install the device in the OBD-port of your car.

If your dongle is installed, you can log into your personal ULU dashboard. After the first ride your trip details will be visible. With the ULU app you can easily switch trip mode from business, private or commute.

We collect data based on GPS and from the OBD port. Our software works like the software they use in the garage and it allows us to remotely diagnose your car. This way we give you a clear view of your vehicle health and any error codes.

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