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Data is our DNA: With the ULU platform we can help you translate big amounts of data into tangible conclusions and solutions.


We collect and analyse big data, to provide you an easy-to-use app (for drivers), to save you costs of your car fleet (for businesses) or to make you know your customers even better (for MSP’s).


By connecting vehicles to the ULU platform, we can help you collect and save relevant data. We measure the amount of trips, mileages, car use and usage time, including time spent driving and idling.


The ULU platform makes big amounts of data comprehensible. We make it possible to separate the collected information based on actual use, trips and locations. This way, we make your data easily usable, allowing you to deploy it the way you would like to.


Based on your data, we can help you to lower your costs. We measure where and when a car is used, combine the information of multiple drivers and use this data to map out your car fleet. This can be used to analyse which employees could possibly share a car. Is one driver mainly on the road in the morning, while another drives more frequently in the afternoon? By making them share one and the same car, you can easily save some costs!


We analyse the driving behaviour of all users. We measure acceleration, braking behaviour, speeding and idling, giving a score of these behaviours for each trip. Next to improving the safety of both the driver and the other road users, it reduces your costs as well. With the use of this data, we can calculate how much you can save by improving the driving behaviour of your users. This way you know exactly on what specific behaviour your employees have to focus in order for you to save the most costs!


With the collected data is every imaginable analysis possible. For example, you can generate geofences, providing you with information about specific zones. You could easily map out where your employees or customers are driving, as well as when they are on the road. Furthermore, we have access to the data of 35.000 ULU drivers, which can function as a benchmark to compare your own data with. All in all, the possibilities of big data are endless!


Free dongle (worth £170,-)

Plug & Play (self-install)

Monitor your fleet / car online

Connectable with multiple cars

Insight into fuel usages, error codes, locations and driving behaviour

ULU redefining mobility
obd dongel

How does it work?

You can install our plug and play device in less than two minutes (by yourself) and you can use it throughout Europe. You will receive the device by mail together with a step-by-step installation guide. Install the device in the OBD-port of your car within 2 minutes.

If your dongle is installed, you can log into your personal ULU dashboard. After the first ride your trip details will be visible. With the ULU mobile application you can easily switch trip mode from business to private or commute.

We collect data based on GPS and from the OBD port. Our software works like the software used by mechanics and enables us to remotely diagnose your car. By doing so, we give you a clear overview of the vehicle health of your fleet.

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